Alwayne G

Alwayne is the founder of Soundproof Wiz. He is a passionate writer who loves writing about home improvement to help people overcome an obstacle: soundproofing, upgrading appliances, remodeling the backyard and much more.

Alwayne G

How to Soundproof a Mobile Home

A few mobile homes in a park - How to soundproof a mobile home

Mobile homes are significantly impacted by noise. After you’ve upgraded everything else in your home, you may wish to address the issue of noise pollution. Even if you have the most excellent home entertainment system in place, it’ll be difficult to enjoy yourself if distracting noise is present. We can’t hold mobile homes to the …

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How to Fix a Squeaky Chair

Chairs and tables in startup office - How to fix a squeaky chair

A squeaky chair is a nuisance and can be difficult to fix, but fortunately, there are many ways to fix a squeaky chair and this guide will teach you how to do so in no time. Initially, the best way to stop the noise is to make sure the problem isn’t coming from the seat …

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