Thick greenish-brown curtains

Do Soundproof Curtains Work? Read to Find Out The Truth!

Last Updated: November 28th, 2019I’ve been doing soundproofing projects for many years now, and one of the most common question people ask me is, “Do soundproof curtains work?” In my opinion, soundproof curtains are extremely effective for sound‐deadening applications, but when it comes to sound‐blocking, I think they’re completely useless. They’re good for reducing echo […]

Open hood of car

DIY Hoodliner Soundproofing 2019 – SoundproofWiz

Last Updated: November 29th, 2019If you’re a car owner, at some point you’ll likely start to realize that the engine’s noise is getting too loud. While there might be something wrong with the engine that’s causing the noise to occur, more often than not, the real culprit is faulty hood insulation. If you believe the […]

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How Much Does Dynamat Weigh? – Full Guide on Dynamat

Last Updated: November 29th, 2019One of the most common questions readers ask me is how heavy Dynamat is, so I’ve put together this guide that covers all the frequently asked questions about Dynamat. What is Dynamat? Dynamat is one of the most effective products you can find on the market. This material is great for […]

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Green Glue Reviews 2019 – Don’t Buy Until You Read This!

Last Updated: November 29th, 2019I think everyone has heard about Green Glue by now. It’s one of the most popular and effective soundproofing materials, due to its ability to block unwanted noise for an affordable price. Some of the most common questions I get on a regular basis are: Does Green Glue work well? Is […]

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Soundproofing a Fence With Mass-Loaded Vinyl – 5 Powerful Ways

Last Updated: November 29th, 2019If you’re wondering about the most effective way to soundproof your fence, then you’re in the right place. The sound of traffic and loud, annoying dogs barking all day can be really irritating. My wife and I tried a regular soundproofing fence, and it did help reduce the noise a bit, […]

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SoundSkins vs Dynamat – Read Before You Consider Buying!

Last Updated: November 29th, 2019When it comes to the best soundproofing materials, Soundskins and Dynamat are among the leading suppliers on the market today. I’ve done countless hours of research for you, and I believe both products are equally great. Please continue reading to learn more about each product. Dynamat Review Dynamat was established in […]