How To Make Your Heels Quieter: 5 Practical Solutions

High heels

A great-looking pair of high heels oozes elegance and sophistication, and can create an aura of empowerment for the woman who’s wearing them.

However, too often, heels can also draw unwanted attention and the ire of those around you with the loud, dull clanking sound they make. Over the course of a long day spent walking up and down hard floors, this sort of noise can irritate your co-workers, give you a headache and generally make you sick of your favorite heels.

Luckily, there’s no need to retire those heels, as there’s a wide range of cheap, easy, DIY fixes that will help you quiet your high-heeled shoes without compromising their look or style. Below, you can read about five of these practical solutions and choose one (or more!) of them for yourself.

Step Lightly and Wear the Correct Size

One of the most common reasons for excessive sound coming from a pair from high heels is that the shoes are oversized. If your shoes are too big, that’ll cause you to turn and drag the long heel of each one against the ground, which creates more noise. Therefore, you should always make sure your heels fit snugly if you want them to stay quiet.

Another excellent way to reduce the noise from your heels is to lower your step as you walk. If you make a conscious effort to walk gently, without raising each foot too high, you’ll reduce the impact that the hard tip of each heel makes on the floor. This, in turn, will reduce the amount of noise your heels make in general.

By simply wearing appropriately-sized heels and walking with a lighter step, you can make your heels much quieter, without having to spend any money or modify your shoes at all. If you want to lower their noise level even more, though, there are four helpful tools you can apply to the shoes themselves to make them quieter.

High Heel Caps

The single most effective way to make heels quieter is to apply a high heel cap to each shoe. Heel caps are small rubber sleeves with stoppers that will fit around the steely point of the heel.

By absorbing the vibrations the tips make when they hit the ground, these caps can reduce the amount of noise a pair of high-heeled shoes makes by up to 80 percent. If you apply them to your heels, you’ll be able to mitigate their noise to the point at which the click-clack is virtually unnoticeable.

Aside from reducing the amount of noise they produce, caps can also help preserve the life of your shoes by keeping the tips from wearing out. Fortunately, you can easily fit rubber heel caps around the points of your heels with just your hands. The caps are cheap and easy to find online, and they come in a multitude of colors to match any high heel.

Gel Cushions

A gel insert that goes inside each shoe can also significantly reduce the sound your heels make as you walk. Much like the heel caps, the gel material will help absorb the shock and vibration of your shoes as you stroll along, lessening the sound they make.

Besides reducing the amount of noise that comes from the shoe it’s in, a gel cushion will also provide comfort and support that’ll make any shoe more enjoyable to wear. This is another cheap, easy, DIY fix that’ll give you quieter heels, but you must be sure to replace your cushions every few months or whenever they start to wear out.

Rubber Soles

Rubber soles that can be added to the bottom front of each heel can be another great way to reduce the noise your steps make. Rubber is great at absorbing noise, which is one reason why high heel caps also work so well.

You may need to take your heels to a cobbler to have a rubber sole installed on each one, but there are many inexpensive self-adhesive soles that can be found online. Once again, these soles come in many different colors to match any pair of high-heeled shoes you may be wearing.

Duct Tape

As with many other household tasks, duct tape is a simple DIY solution for noisy heels. Simply cut a couple of thin strips of duct tape from your roll, and then wrap a couple of layers around the bottom tip of each heel. The tape will reduce the amount of noise the shoes produce by muffling the clack of each tip as it hits the floor.

Just make sure you clean and dry your shoes first so that the tape sticks properly, and you should also be careful not to wrap the tape too thickly around each shoe, as this will look unattractive.

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