How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise (Most Effective Methods)

Last Updated: August 20th, 2019

Is your refrigerator making buzzing annoying noise throughout the day and night making you unable to get a healthy rest? If so you’re not alone.

Fridge noise can be very disturbing, a few years ago when my girlfriend moved in so we could live together, we had a small noisy fridge in our house which makes sleeping extremely hard for us, we tried using earplugs but they were so uncomfortable.

Also at that time, we didn’t have enough money to buy a new fridge. So the only option I had was to find a way to fix the problem or insulate it. It wasn’t easy at first because none of us knew nothing about soundproofing, but we finally found a way and now I am writing this article to help you sound dampen your annoying fridge noise instead of wasting money replacing it.

Here are the tips that work great.

How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise


1. Identifying the Cause of the Noise and Fix it

The first thing you’ll need to do is identify the source of the noise. So you will need to listen keenly for new noise or ones that don’t sound normal. You should keep in mind that because fridge cycles on and off you will always hear a sound which you can’t avoid as this is simply just how they work.

Vibration From the Floor

You should try your best to make the legs of your fridge even on the floor, this will ensure that it stays firmly and not cause any unusual vibrations.

Another effective thing you can do is place rubber mat underneath your fridge to reduce the vibrational and overall noise. You may also need someone else to help you lift the fridge while you slide the mat underneath it. Make sure to measure the size of the mat so it fits perfectly.

What you can also do is use anti-vibration pads which will reduce the amount of shaking and vibration which will eventually help to keep the fridge stable.

For the best result, you can use both the rubber mats and anti-vibration pads.

Loose Handles and Doors

This is another problem that causes you to hear a rattling sound. Doors and handles are the main reasons behind this noise but another culprit most people seem to forget is the door compartments. This part can bounce on the door if any of its screws are loosened.

If you notice this problem you can easily replace the handles if needed and use a regular screwdriver to tighten any loose screws.

Compressor and Fan Noise

If you are hearing lots of disturbing noise from these, they should probably be replaced.

If the annoying noise is coming from the fan then you can simply replace it for an affordable price, make sure the dimensions and the design suits your fridge before buying. If you are interested then you can check out the current price over here on Amazon. But if it is the compressor the best idea would be buying a new fridge.

However, If you check and everything seems fine, but you are still hearing the disturbing noise, then it probably is the normal sound that I have mentioned earlier in the post.

How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise

2. Relocate Your Fridge and Use Acoustic Panels

Repositioning your fridge can sometimes make a big difference. The best place to relocate your fridge would be a dent in the walls that you can easily cover by using some acoustic foam panels like these ones on Amazon. These foams will help reduce the unwanted noise caused by your fridge significantly.

One of my neighbors tried it and she couldn’t believe how effective it was. If you somehow choose to use this method you can expect the noise to be reduced by 60-80% which is amazing.

3. Soundproof Inside of Your Refrigerator

I’ve done this in the past and the result was impressive. You can easily soundproof inside your fridge by using some mass loaded vinyl (link to Amazon). This has proven to be a great sound blocker, it will stop the sound from coming outside of the fridge.

If you are able to access the motor of the fridge, then you can use the mass loaded vinyl layer to wrap it as well.

You can also place it right behind your fridge instead of using acoustic foam panels and place pieces of it underneath the fridge to help stop the unwanted noise from escaping under the refrigerator and out in the room.

4. Build a Wooden Case For Your Fridge.

If you can’t relocate your fridge in an alcove, then you can try creating an artificial one. If you are a handyman, you can simply do this as a DIY project or if you don’t mind spending money you can easily hire an expert to make things much easier. By building a wooden case for your fridge you will furthermore lower the unpleasant noise.

5. Buy a New Refrigerator

If you have the budget and don’t have mind spending you can get yourself a new refrigerator and this will be great because you won’t have to worry about unnecessary noise and sound all the time. Also, the newer brand fridges have a quieter compressor as well. (best quiet mini fridge)

6. Hire an Expert

If you don’t have the time to repair your refrigerator or you’re simply not a handy person then hiring a professional to inspect and fix it would be the best option. It all depends on how bad the problem is but most of the time you won’t pay a lot.


There are lots of ways to soundproof your refrigerator but I found the ones listed in this post to be the most effective. I hope you follow these steps carefully so you can have peace and quiet once and for all. Having a fridge that is quiet and working properly is one of the best feelings. I wish you the best with your soundproofing journey.

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