How to Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer in Car – 5 Steps

Last Updated: May 7th, 2019

Cruising on a long trip while listening to your favorite playlist can be quite fun and exciting. But, if the music is also causing you to experience some annoying vibration and rattling noise, then the overall journey would not turn out to be that great.

This can be really disturbing as it makes it very hard to play songs with bass without your car sound like it’s breaking apart.

Your subwoofer is usually the main culprit behind these rattling sounds and you should be able to easily fix it without breaking the bank. There are different ways through which you can deal with the unwanted vibration and rattling so that you can once again listen to your favorite playlist while you are driving.

In this article article, I’m going to explain exactly what you can do to reduce vibration from the subwoofer in your car.

How to Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer in Car

There are many different ways in which you can go about getting the job done. But these methods tend to be the most effective as well as affordable solutions, so without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Determine the Source of the Vibration

The first you will want to do is identify the area in your car that is been affected the most by the subwoofer bass. Not only will it save you a lot of time and hassle, but it will also help you find the problematic area. Some of the most common areas in the vehicle are the vehicles trunk, windows, doors, hood liner and license plate.

The simplest way to do that plays a bass heavy song and slowly increase the volume until you find the areas in your car that are been affected. Once you have located all the areas that’s causing the problem, it’s quite easy to fix them.

2. Use an Automotive Sound Deadener

How to Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer in Car
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After you have located all the areas where the vibrations are coming from (most likely the trunk or doors) its now time to combat the problem using a sound deadener. I’ve used a handful of various sound deadening materials in the past and all of them proved to be a very remarkable solution to my problems. However, you need to know which brand to choose from because not all of them are effective.

Let’s say I’ve used about 12 different sound deadening products in the past. Out of all the 12 brands, only 3 have shown great performance. These products are:

Dynamat Sound Deadener

Noico Sound Deadening Mat

GTMAT Automotive Sound Deadener

I must say my personal favorite is the Dynamat Extreme (link to Amazon). Dynamat is the leading company on the market when it comes to sound deadener. However, it can be a bit costly, especially if you are on a tight budget. So a great alternative to Dynamat if you are low on cash is the Noico Sound Deadening Mat. They are not as expensive as Dynamat, but I can guarantee that they’re worth the investment.

Installation Process

After you have successfully purchased a sound deadener you can now start the installation process by applying some in the trunk of your vehicle and then proceed to cover the other areas like the doors, hood liner, etc. My advice to you is to sound deadening the entire vehicle (if possible) for the best results possible.

Learn how to properly sound deadening vehicle doors.

3. Tighten Your License Plates and Trunk Screws

Most people tend to overlook these parts of the vehicle and we all should accept the fact that a vehicle is a product as well and over time it will deteriorate. So in order to increase the Lifespan of our car is by performing regular maintenance.

You can start by checking your license plate and trunk to see if there are any loose screws. It’s always important to make sure these areas are tightened especially when you have subs installed and you enjoy playing music loud.

If you have the time you should even get under your car and check if there’s anything loose there. You never know what might be the caused of the vibration and rattling.

4. Change the Bass Frequency

The last advice I have to give is to change the frequency of the bass. There are lots of different products that you can use to lower the frequency that the market is becoming oversaturated.

Using an amplifier is the main one. You can use almost any amplifier as long as it has advanced settings that is able to change the frequency it will get the job done. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

5. Check to See if the Problem is Fix

Once you have finished installing the sound deadening mats, tighten all loose screws and change the bass frequency. It’s now time to check if the problem persists, to do this all you have to do is play a bass heavy song at a high volume and check to see the rattling and vibration continues.

What Causes Vibration and Rattling?

In general, the rattling is caused by low-frequency sound waves that are coming from the subs which turn into air molecules that are then transferred into a powerful energy that causes the metal on your vehicle to vibrates which leads to the rattling.

How to Stop Rattling and Vibration in Your Vehicle

These days rattling and vibrations in vehicles seem to be a huge problem. This is why a lot of people try to use various methods to deal with them.

However, if you follow the step by step guide above, you should be able to reduce or completely eliminate your rattling and vibration noise once and for all. I’ve personally used these methods and I must say that they are extremely effective.


Rattling and vibration in vehicles are a common problem that most drivers will face at one point in life. Luckily, there are numerous ways in which you can combat this problem so you can have a smooth journey while listening to your favorite songs.

In the article above, I’ve presented the ones I’ve personally used myself and that have worked magic for me. I really hope you follow this article carefully so you can get rid of or at least reduce unwanted vibration in your vehicle.

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