Sound Deadening Car Doors – DIY Guide & How to

Last Updated: August 13th, 2019

Noise coming through your vehicle doors can be one of the most annoying things to experience. Even when you close the car windows and burst the volume of the radio up, there is a good chance that you will still be able to hear the noise.

I really hate when I’m driving and I’m not being able to clearly hear my favorite song on the radio playing. I know you might be facing a similar problem, which led you here.

Well, this has been a big problem for me since lately which is why I decided to do something about it. I did a lot of research on the internet all by myself and also recommended what I’ve learnt to a lot of my friends and they were shocked when they saw the results.

Luckily, you are here, so you won’t have to waste your precious time on research because there is a number of easy ways to effectively soundproof your car doors and I’m here to help you with that.

Otherwise, from traffic noise, some cars doors produce very annoying rattling sounds, but you don’t have to worry, I’ve got you covered. It’s pretty easy to fix and won’t require much of your time.

Sound Deadening Car Doors

1. Prepare All the Tools and Materials You’ll Need

The first thing you will need to do is prepare the materials you will need to get the job done. You may already have some of these materials and tools at home. There isn’t much material that’s needed and I can guarantee that the cost for this program is relatively low which means you can start right away.

These days you don’t have to spend a fortune to soundproof your car doors, you just have to be well up to date. These are the materials you’ll be needing:

  1. Self Adhesive Sound Absorbing Mat/Tape, I recommend Thick Noico 80 Mil (Click here to check the current price on Amazon).
  2. A Screwdriver, you can use any Screwdriver as long as it’s able to open your car door.
  3. A small pick, to pry off smaller parts

Those two are the only thing you will need at this moment to noise-proof your car doors. Now that you have all the necessary tools and materials, it’s time to start the Soundproofing process.

I know you might think the process is difficult but I can guarantee that it’s quite easy and you’ll be finished in no time (if I did it, I know you can do it as well).

Remove the Car Door Panel

Sound Deadening Car Doors

The first thing you will be doing is remove the door and in order to do this, you will have to pry off the parts that aren’t screwed on with a small pick or a flat Screwdriver.

You should also keep in mind that the doors are actually made to be taken apart easily, so we don’t have to use any force here. If you also take the time out to read up on your car doors will allow you to know exactly where to press so the parts can be easily pop off.

Once you have successfully pried off all the parts, you should be able to see some screws. This is where the Screwdriver comes in into play. While unscrewing each part, I highly suggest that you take some pictures of where each of the screws came from. This will help you out a lot when you are ready to put the panel back on.

Now that all the screws are out, you should be able to successfully removed the panel, make sure to unscrew the speakers if it’s in the door and disconnect any wire connections, doing will make it much easier to get the job done. Again, taking pictures before doing anything is extremely helpful.

2. Remove the Protective Seal

A large number of cars have a protective seal under the door panel. If your car as one, you will need to partially remove the seal using a razor blade or utility knife. Just pay close attention so you don’t damage the airbag.

To be on the safe side, you can start at the top and use the razor blade or utility knife to slightly remove seal until you have enough space to attach the sound dampening material.

3. Insert the Sound Deadening Tape

Once you have successfully removed the panel and the seals, it’s now time to put some self-adhesive tape on the door. You can start with the innermost part of the door frame. Remember that you don’t have to completely cover the metal. What I recommend is to cover at least a quarter of the surface.

For this, I suggest using Noico. It’s considered to be the best material for this project because of its thickness, unlike other soundproofing material on the market, Noico is twice as thick.

All you have to do is carefully measure the door and stick the tape in every space you find on the door. When you have applied enough material through the holes in the frame to the inside of the door, you can also cover the frame itself. If you want to cover the entire door, you can do it in small sections.

4. Check the Results

Now that everything is finished, all you have to do is check to see if it was worth it, by simply knocking on the door to see if anything happens. If you followed everything mentioned above correctly the car door should have a huge difference in comparison to the past noise.

Because of the thick material, the doors will be a bit heavier, but that shouldn’t be a problem since they’ll be soundproof and that’s far more important. You will be certainly happy with the results, I was surprised by the results of this project which is why I decided to share the information with others.

5. Replace the Door Panel

Now all that’s left to do is put everything back the way it was before. Remember to put the protective layer and speakers back on if your doors had them.

Then, put the door panel back and screw it on. This shouldn’t be complicated and once you put the panel back you’re finally finished.

Is Noiseproofing Your Car Worth It?

This is one of the most common questions I get from my readers and the short answer is Yes. Noise proofing your car door is one of the most effective things you can do if you want to reduce unwanted road noise and improve the overall acoustic of your vehicle.


I really hope you found this article helpful. You’ll see that it’s pretty simple to get the job done and you don’t need any professional to pull this off, all you need is a bit of time and effort and you should be fine.

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