How to Stop Car Door Rattling from Speakers – 7 Easy Steps

Last Updated: May 2nd, 2019

Listening to your favorite playlist when driving especially on a long road trip can be relaxing and exciting at the same time. I usually tend to enjoy every moment of long drive once I’m able to hear my favorite song. However, the mood can be completely ruined by the rattling of the vehicle door usually caused by the speakers.

Your speakers are mostly the main culprit behind these rattling sounds. Luckily there are ways you can fix these problems without breaking the bank.

In this article, I’m going to briefly explain how to stop a car door rattling from speakers so that you can once again enjoy listening to your favorite songs while driving. These methods are extremely effective and the installation process is quite easy because I’ve personally applied it to my car.

How to Stop Car Door Rattling from Speakers


1. Remove All Items From the Pockets in the Door Panels

Before removing any screws or repair any speakers you can start with the easiest task. The first thing I recommend doing is to check and remove all items from the door packets.

Sometimes the rattling noise is caused by loose items inside the pocket of the door panels. You may find coins, glasses, watch and other small items which may be the reason behind the noise when you play music. After finding these items you should remove them all and test your audio.

Hopefully, the rattling noise is gone. If it continues, you need to move on to the other steps.

2. Locate the Speaker Causing the Problem

Another thing you must do to stop your audio system from rattling is to find the source of the noise. So you will need to carefully inspect and determine which speaker is rattling, in order to do this you will need to adjust the fade and balance on the stereo receiver.

Base on my own experience, the rattling noise was coming from one of the speakers. So what you can do is adjust the fade which will allow you to move the sound to the front or rear speakers, while adjusting the balance moves the sound between the left and right speakers.

After finding the speaker behind the rattling, you can attempt to fix the issue. Loose screws are usually the most common cause of rattling speakers. However, there are many other things that may cause this problem, including vibration from the car panels and blown speakers.

If you want to solve the rattling or vibration, then what you can do is work your way through these steps below:

  • Inspect the speaker mounting
  • Determine if the speaker is blown
  • Install bass blockers
  • Check the car body panels

By the time you are finished going through this list, your car audio problem should be solved.

3. Remove the Door Panel

You will need to detach the door panel in order to reach the speakers if they are located inside the door and to install sound deadening material to your vehicle. Most door panels have a series of plastic tabs that covers the screws. For this, I recommend using a flathead screwdriver to pop these tabs out and then remove the screws. If you don’t have any idea on how to remove the door panel, then this article should do the trick.

4. Remove the Vapor Shield

Once you have completely removed the door panel, you should search for a sponge-like object also known as “vapor shield” (it can be rubber in some cars). The vapor shield plays an important role as it’s used to prevent water from coming inside the car.

When removing the vapor shield you should be gentle. Once done, you will notice a big hole that is specifically designed to help the mechanic to easily access the windows. So this is the place where you have to apply the sound deadening mat.

5. Apply the Sound Deadening Material

How to Stop Car Door Rattling from Speakers
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Now after you’ve successfully completed all the steps above, it’s now time to apply the material. There are many different sound deadening materials on the market which you can use, but I personally recommend Dynamat Extreme Car Door Kit. You should position as much sound deadening mat as possible inside the hole so that the car door rattling can be stopped completely.

You should also keep in mind that the thickness of your sound deadening mat will help to decide how effective it will be for sound deadening. This is why I highly recommended getting Dynamat has it’s very thick with self-adhesive capabilities and heat resistant.

Unfortunately, Dynamat can be quite expensive for some people and I’m aware of that. This is why I took the time out and search for the best affordable alternative and Noico 80 mil sound deadener comes out on top (click here to check the current price on Amazon).

Here is another article on how to sound deadening car doors.

6. Check if the Mat is Effective

After you have successfully installed the sound deadening mat, you should check whether the doors still rattling when you play music. If you still notice any rattling from the speakers, what you can do is apply more mats to the mechanical hole.

7. Replace All the Parts You Removed

Once you are satisfied with the results you achieved, you should fix all the parts you removed earlier including the vapor shield and the interior door panel. Make sure you do it slowly and carefully to avoid damaging any parts of the door of your car.


Most cars tend to have a rattling sound when the music contains loud bass. In addition, if you follow the above steps carefully you should easily prevent your car doors from rattling due to the sound coming from your speakers. However, it takes time and effort to get the job done.

If you’ve tried all the steps above and none seems to be effective, then you may need to hire a car audio expert. The downside with this is that it hiring an expert to examine your vehicle and car audio system can be a bit costly, especially for those on a tight budget.

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