Dim gray bedroom

How to Soundproof a Bedroom on a Budget – 7 Cheap DIY Methods

Last Updated: November 14th, 2019Imagine trying to catch some much-needed sleep or get some work done in the peace of your bedroom, but your child is running around the house yelling, or noise from your neighbors’ house is keeping you from doing so. It would be great if you had a way to muffle the […]

Man installing drywall

How to Soundproof a Wall Cheaply – 7 Affordable Tips

Last Updated: December 5th, 2019There are a number of reasons why you might want to soundproof the walls in your home. Thin walls in many apartments allow you to hear everything your neighbors are doing. If your home is located close to high-traffic streets, next to where noisy children play or near an airport, soundproofing […]