What you Need to Know for Soundproofing Your Bedroom

bed and bedside table with books and lamp - what you need to know about soundproofing your bedroom

Soundproofing your bedroom is not just about keeping the noise inside but keeping distractions out as well. The bedroom is one of the places we go to relax and chill, which is why it’s important to make sure it’s as peaceful as possible.

The bedroom is also a workspace for many people. Many students do their homework in their bedroom and wouldn’t want to be distracted from it. People work part-time, doing everything from sales to science writing jobs, in their bedrooms. And they don’t need noise from the rest of the house to interrupt them.

Since you cannot control the noise surrounding your bedroom, cancelling it out is the only solution available. Here are simple soundproofing solutions that will help you control your bedroom environment.

Squelching the Sound

Something as simple as your dog barking or people laughing in the next room can mess with your peace of mind. Especially if you’re having one of those slow days and there isn’t enough grace in the world to get by.

In such instances, squelch the sound so that you center yourself and focus on what you’re doing. There are many squelching sound clips on YouTube you can use; go through them and find what works for you. Make sure you don’t choose a clip that will end up making things worse.

Seal the Gap under your Bedroom Door

You will be surprised at how much noise you block out when you seal the gap under your bedroom door. This simple hack will save you from dealing with life outside your door. You get to block out the rumble of kids or pets playing, the bustle of other family members and anything else that would interfere with your peace of mind.

Even if neighbors choose to blast out music, the noise won’t get to you. Sealing your door allows you to exist in a world separate from everyone else for as long as you need to.

Sound will not have a way to travel into your bedroom as long as you take your time to create a proper seal. You won’t be forced to hear everything that’s happening behind the door even when you’re trying your hardest to focus on the task at hand.

Upgrade your Bedroom Door

open white doors - what you need to know about soundproofing your bedroom

Another option would be to upgrade to a door that isn’t sound permeable. Avoid doors with a hollow-core because these are the ones that let in the most noise. If this is your current door, you should consider upgrading to a better one.

You need a solid wood door that will ensure noise bounces back rather than passes right through it. Replace your lightweight door with a heavy-duty one for a quieter bedroom space.

Invest in Ceiling Cloud

If you want to go hard on soundproofing your bedroom, then you should invest ceiling cloud. Acoustic foam pallets ensure you create a haven where you can go to whenever you want to listen to your thoughts.

When you hang them in your room, they absorb noise and echoes and leave your bedroom as quiet and peaceful as possible. They are excellent for bedrooms with high ceilings because these tend to have lots of echoes.

Re-Arrange Your Bedroom

You heard that right! Re-arranging might be what you need to achieve a quieter space. Soundproofing doesn’t have to be expensive, sometimes all you need is to work with what you’ve got.

Re-arranging the bedroom ensures you achieve your goal of stopping noise from entering a room without having to part with money. You can use your furniture to absorb noise from outside if you position them right. If you have a dresser, place it against an outside facing wall so that it absorbs noise before it gets to your ear.

Buy Sound-Catch Curtains

Aside from upgrading your door, you can also invest in sound-catch curtains. Covering your windows with soundproofing curtains ensures you don’t have to deal with noise from outside the house. This is an especially useful hack for people who live alone.

Imagine staying at an apartment along the road and having to deal with the noise coming from cars and pedestrians. Well, thanks to sound-catch curtains, this doesn’t have to be the case. Make sure you choose a soothing and decorative colour that complements your room.


Soundproofing the bedroom is something that everyone can learn. When you have a quiet bedroom space, you get a space you can always go to when you need to be with yourself. Make sure you go for affordable hacks and work with what you’ve got because soundproofing doesn’t have to be expensive.

Feature image: Holly Stratton; Image 1: Philipp Berndt

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