How to Soundproof a Wall Between Apartments – 7 Affordable Ways

Last Updated: April 26th, 2019

Unwanted noise coming through the walls can be one of the most disturbing things to experience. If you are currently experiencing this, then luckily your in the right place.

In this article, I will explain step by step how to soundproof a wall between apartments without breaking the bank. These days apartment building is made of very flimsy walls making it extremely easy for your neighbors to hear everything your doing.

Several years back I was experiencing this same problem. It was pretty hard to concentrate because my neighbors had some very loud dog. They would bark all day, even in the middle of the night and the sad part is that all of our bedrooms had shared walls with them.

I was awake most nights because I couldn’t seem to get proper rest. Even after complaining about the noise, it didn’t do much to help the situation. This is when I knew I had to find a solution to the problem. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, while some work great, some didn’t work at all. So in this article, I’ll share with you everything you need to know about soundproofing shared walls without construction.

How to Soundproof a Wall Between Apartments

1. Search Carefully For Holes on the Walls and Seal Them All

Yes I know you must be wondering how can there be holes in the walls, but what you should know that most apartments were connected back in the days (even now) and because of that the walls were shared. If you inspect the walls correctly then you might see some small holes that are used to transfer cables from one place to another.

These tiny holes that you see have the ability to release a great amount of unwanted noise which you won’t even recognize. So once you inspect the walls carefully and find all these holes, what I recommend doing is seal them all.

There are many ways in which you can easily get the job done, but the most effective way and the one that I’ve personally test is Green Glue. Green glue works great when it comes to soundproofing your home, you will certainly notice the difference once applied.

I recently wrote an article about green glue noise-proofing compound, you can check it out.

2. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

How to Soundproof a Wall Between Apartments
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One of the best material on the market to insulating impact and airborne noise is mass loaded vinyl. You can easily install these sound absorbing mat on your thin apartment walls, not only for soundproofing but as a thermal solution as well.

After buying and installing these on my walls, I’ve noticed a massive change in temperature during the winter times, my room was a bit warmer.

You may be wondering what had happened. Well, all I can say is that MLV is extremely bulky and also because of this they are great at absorbing and reducing low-frequency noises. Overall, I’ve personally used this amazing material and I was certainly impressed with the results I’ve achieved. (Click here to see MLV current price on Amazon).

3. Use Sound Absorbing Blankets

Another solution that I’ve found to be really effective is to use soundproof blankets. These blankets are made of fiberglass or polyester material. They are really good at absorbing sound while also providing a sort of insulation to whichever room you choose to put it in.

However, I only recommend using these blankets when you are hearing the unwanted noise and not as a permanent solution. Simply, installing these noise reducing blankets will reduce the noise by up to 45%.

These blankets are also made from thick soundproofing substance. They are not hard to install but you should probably ask for a hand because they are pretty heavy. If interested I recommend going with the cheap moving blanket (Click here to check out the current price on Amazon).

4. Install Acoustic Foam Panels

One of the best ways to sound dampen your walls is by using acoustic foam panels. As you can see these are often used in a recording studio, which helps to balance the sounds.

If you are on a budget, then this may be the cheapest methods you can use to achieve sound deadening in your home. What I really like about these foam is the fact that they are extremely easy to install and remove whenever you want, which is also a good thing since you live in an apartment.

Using acoustic foam you will be able to cut the noise by at least 60% which is good. However, I don’t recommend using this method only, you can achieve much better results if you combine it with some of the other methods.

There are various types of acoustic foam on the market, but the one I personally use is the Foamily Acoustic Foam and the results were astonishing.

5. Move Furniture Against the Wall

I know I’ve suggested this method a few times in my past articles, but I can assure you that it’s actually one of the most effective things you can do. Since your apartment walls are so thin, placing bookshelves, closets and other types of furniture next to the wall will help to thicken it up.

It’s as easy as that and I can guarantee that you’ll see some significant results. Another thing you can do is place thick blankets or even foam in between the wall and the furniture. By doing this you will be able to add more mass to the wall and absorb even more sound. I strongly recommend this method over others since you might not have permission to put nails in your walls.

6. Repaint the Walls With Soundproofing Paint

A lot of people think that using soundproofing paint to reduce noise is a myth when it comes to soundproofing walls. Basically, soundproofing paint can actually work, but it all depends on the amount of noise that’s coming through.

With that said, I can guarantee that by adding this paint to your walls, you will be able to cut the noise by at least 50% if there is not much noise. On the other hand, if you have neighbors that bang loud music all day, then using this method won’t do much to help.

What is really like about it is the fact that is affordable and easier to use. The paint is extremely thick and when applied several times, you will experience amazing feedback. These paints are also pretty similar to the original ones, so you won’t notice the difference except when it comes to reducing the noise.

7. White Noise Machine

If you tried all the methods mentioned and none seems to work (which is highly unlikely), then you can go with a white noise machine.

These machines are a great way to mask unwanted background noise from coming inside your apartment. In general, a white noise machine works by generating a soothing sound of a steady consistency. This will prevent you from hearing unwanted sounds, enabling you to stay calm and preventing any distractions from reaching your conscious mind.

You can also check my guide on the best white noise machine for the bathroom.


As you can see there are many ways in which you can easily soundproof your shares wall between apartments without breaking your wallet and these are the easiest and most affordable ways to do it as well.

For the best results, I recommend combining several methods together as they all have different ways of combating noise. You can even do the installation on your own because they are relatively easy to install. I wish you the best on your soundproofing journey.

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