Tips To Design A Perfectly Sound-Resistant Director’s Room For Focus Oriented Work

how to design a sound resistant office room

Do you know what helps directors to remain focused at work? A peaceful work environment without any distractions is an important element that boosts productivity and offers excellent results. The question is how is it possible to cut off all the noise and design a sound-resistant director’s room?

In this post, we will share some ideas like double glazed windows and other techniques to help you design a modern and noise-free room for a director. Keep reading to discover the amazing ideas that you might not have thought about.

Acoustic Panels


Acoustic wall panels are the perfect sound-absorbing materials known for deadening sound in the office. The best part about installing these is that they come in various designs. Here are a few styles that you can choose from.

Art Acoustic Panels

If you don’t want to sacrifice your stylish office interior, then art acoustic panels are the best option for you. These panels have pictures printed on fabric that bring colors to the director’s room. They can be customized according to your requirements.

Fabric-Wrapped Panels

Fabric wrapped panels suit an exceptional interior office space. They are available in different sizes, fabrics and finishes to offer a unique look to the room.

Perforated Acoustic Wood Panels

If you are looking for something different that blends with the traditional setting of the room, try perforated acoustic wood panels. The dents and holes on the panels absorb sound waves. These panels can be hung on the walls or attached from the ceilings.

Acoustic wedges Panels on the Walls

You might have seen these in restaurants and cinemas. The foam blocks come in various designs and work well as sound barriers for the walls. You can use them in small geometrical shapes and creatively place them or you can attach the full-length panels onto the wall.

These are not just for walls, but you can use acoustic panels for ceilings as well.

Soundproof Ceilings

After the walls, the next target is to soundproof the ceilings. This is important because soundproof ceilings block the noise from entering the room. Suppose the director’s room is somewhere near the staircase. The noise of people going upstairs to down could be quite disturbing.

If you are thinking about ways to soundproof an existing ceiling, here are some solutions for you.

Add Acoustic Foam Panels

Acoustic foam panels are affordable, offer amazing sound-proofing results and are easy to install. Again, you can cover them up with wood panels or some other ceiling covering, if you don’t want the foam showing in the office.

Place Acoustic Foam Egg Panels

These egg panels work in the same way as other acoustic stuff. However, they don’t look very pleasing until you arrange them in an alternating pattern. If it’s a director’s room that has a casual look, this ceiling solution would work wonders.  

Use Mass Loaded Vinyl Sheets

If the appearance of the room is your priority, then go for mass loaded vinyl sheets. These vinyl mats are thick mattresses that stick to the ceiling and create a sturdy soundproofing barrier. The best part is that you can get different designs that match with the interior of the room.

In short, vinyl mats are a nice soundproofing solution that comes with easy installation.  

Double Glazed Windows Filled with Argon

Double glazed windows have two panes that are filled with some gas or vacuum. These energy-efficient insulated windows reduce energy costs, as they keep the heat outside. In the same way, air-conditioned rooms stay cool for longer.

For soundproofing, argon gas is the best option. It eliminates sound from reaching the room so it’s a nice option for using in the director’s room. Because argon gas is denser and heavier than air, it is more efficient and serves as an effective sound barrier.

Soundproof blinds will help even more.

Wooden Floor with Full Carpet over It

As you have to minimize the sound in the room, go for wooden flooring. Do not forget to cover it up with full carpet and add rug pieces and sofas to kill the noise in the room. The trick is to add soft materials as they absorb noise and offer the right working environment for the director.

If you leave the wooden flooring without covering it up, it will create noise as hard materials reflect sound waves and kill the peaceful environment of the room.

Fill up Cracks with Acoustical Sealant

Sometimes the noise enters the rooms through cracks and holes in the floor or walls. This might sound like a small detail, but for a perfectly sound-resistant director’s room, sealing them is a must. If you find any cracks, you can fix them up with an acoustical caulk and then work on the additional coverings.

Pure Wooden Doors

One of the main ways of sound entering the office room will be through the door. Wood soundproof doors are a nice idea to improve the sound insulation elements in a room. This is the best door type that can reduce noise.

Pure wood doors offer amazing qualities to cancel the distracting sound. We suggest you opt for soundproof wood doors that promise high levels of soundproofing in the room, allowing the director to concentrate on work.

Soundproof Door Sweep

As we mentioned above, doors are a critical point for sound transfer. The noise from the corridors and building sweeps in the rooms through the door’s edges and the bottom gaps.

You need to work to soundproof the door as it helps prevent noise from entering the room. A door sweep is the best solution for keeping out the noise. In this case, U-shape door sweeps are effective. They are attached to the doors’ bottom surface and stop the noise from entering the room.


To sum up, we have shared some easy tips to design a perfectly sound-resistant director’s room for focus-oriented work. From a variety of wall panels, floor coverings, double-glazed windows and soundproof doors, there are plenty of ways to design a sound-resistant room. If you use a combination of ideas mentioned in this post, you will succeed in creating a peaceful setting for the room.

Start today and make a list of all the stuff that you can incorporate in the interior to achieve your desired results.

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